Hahn Plastics offer a wide range of locally produced products, as well as individual technical support. Hahn manufactures complex industrial products, exclusively manufactured in accordance with customer specifications

Headquarters: United Kingdom
Equipment: Recycled plastic products for industrial and other use
Application: Recycling plastic to create durable and strong products for reuse
Website: http://www.hahnplastics.com/

When it comes to applications where the demand is for robust and particularly durable solutions, recycled plastic products made from hanit® provide a clear advantage.

Recycled Plastic Material Resistance
Rot resistant, splinter-proof
Year round use is possible
Moisture-repellent, no water absorption, fast-drying
Recycled Plastic Products are Low Weight

Installation without heavy equipmentVorteile
Deliver bigger quantities on standard loads
Transport-cost efficient
Faster installation
Reduced workload

Recycled Plastic Material Properties

The hanit® material consists of recycled plastics, to be more precise, polyolefin mixtures. The main components of these blends are polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE) and polypropylene (PP).
Through utilisation of these high-quality recycled raw-materials (material purity level > 95 %) expensive new material is spared and environmental resources are conserved.
Hanit® customers are repeatedly impressed by the functionality, simple handling, robustness and durability of this material.
Verifiable practical experience from various fields of application, including under the toughest conditions, have shown that hanit® is an innovative material.

Electrically non-conductive
Fire behaviour: Fire Class B2 (DIN 4102)
Pressure resistant
Density: approx. 0.93 g/cm³
Low thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity value is about 0.23 [W/mK]
Continuous operating temperature: – 20 to + 50 °C
Waterproof (hydrophobic)
Resistant to oils, alkalis, acids and seawater
Resistant to micro-organisms
High splinter resistant
Fully pigmented

Industrial Products:

Multi-purpose Trough HAHNMulti purpose trough_30_03_2015


• for draining surface water
• for discharging (contaminated) fluids
• as component in ventilation systems or
• as protection of pipes and cables;

Hanit® multi-purpose trough can be integrated and built into many above ground and underground installations as:

• drainage channel HAHNTROUGH

• ventilation duct
• installation channel or supply line.

Range of Applications

• Indoor and outdoor industrial construction
• Parking decks and parking lots
• Compost works
• Industrial and production buildings as well as vehicle depots
• Cable duct construction

Trough (L x W x H) – 1,000 x 373 x 205 mm
Covers (L x W x H) – 1,000 x 230 x 30 mm, available as closed or slotted

Biofilter Raised Flooring System:

The hanit® biofilter raised flooring system is ideal for many industrial applications, most specifically in biolfilters. Made from 100% recycled plastic it is durable, long lasting and easier to install than traditional flooring systems. The industrial raised flooring system is both innovative and revolutionary.


• Maintenance Free
• Long Useful Life
• Low Weight
• Faster Installation (no heavy equipment required)
• Does not corrode

Applications within Biofuel.

Through the rise of sustainable energy there’s been a rise in demand for biofuel and thus an increase in the development of biogas plants and consequently bio filters. The hanit® biofilter raised flooring system has been successfully as a bio filter floor. Biomass is broken down Advantages: HAHNbiofloorthrough anaerobic respiration and is used to generate biogas. Bio filters are used to control the odour problems caused through these processes. Their recycled plastic products provide the perfect solution as they can perform at 35°C at 100% humidity in a chemical environment, have excellent airflow and have the ability to drive vehicles over it.

Cable Duct Covers

The patented cable duct covers offered by Hahn Plastics Ltd are suited for all current ducts in transformer stations, rail and industrial facilities. HAHNCable Conduit Covers_application2_20_03_2015
They are the optimum solution for new developments as well as for the replacement of rotted wood or cracked concrete ground covers.

Adaptable to existing ducts and conduits

• Anti-skid surface (ranking R10)

• Simple handling HAHNFLOOR

• Inherently stable due to reinforcements

• Implementation of curves, corners and special designs
Range of application for all current ducts in:

• Transformer stations
• Industrial and rail facilities

• As covering for footbridges and walkways

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