Waste Management Systems, Timber and Wood Processing Equipment

Headquarters: Italy
Equipment: Timber and wood processing equipment
Industries: Wood product manufacturing, waste management, timber

IMAL PAL has been in business for over 40 years developing process systems for wood production, energy plants, drying systems, waste management and aggregate industries.

The systems and equipment manufactured by the IMAL- PAL group are renowned worldwide for their high-quality construction and design, advanced software and process control and continual innovations to improve product quality and cut production costs.

Recently, the group has also designed new systems for the treatment of industrial and municipal waste to maximize material recovery for the production of energy and minimize waste to landfill sites.




Material Recovery Systems

PAL has developed the technology for a fully equipped material recovery facility. PAL equipment is capabable of separating all recyclable consistuents from a modern recycling stream. This is just one example of the range of PAL material recovery facility technology:

  • Air Recycling Cleaners
  • Densimetric Seperation
  • Optical Sorting

Organic Waste Management

PAL designs and deploys high-quality screening systems for organic waste treatment. Source separated organics? Done. Biosolids? Done. Leaf and yard waste? Done. PAL equipment does it all, providing a screened product.

  • Oscillating Screen
  • ARC Air Recycler
  • Falcon Hammermill
  • Magnetic Ferrous Separation

Fuel Production

Waste derived fuel is playing an increasing role in waste treatment with the advent of cleaner-burning technologies. PAL processing systems can efficiently separate waste portions to create a high BTU RFD pellet. Check out this PAL system in action:

  • Aeraulic Separation
  • Ferrous Separation
  • Arc Air Seperation

IMAL-PAL group supplies an extensive line of equipment to handle many processing systems

  • Roll Screens
  • Metal Removers
  • Flakers & Refiners
  • Screens
  • Air Sifters
  • Densimetric Tables
  • Metering Bins
  • Dosing Systems
  • Forming & Pressing
  • Quality Controls
  • Safety Controls

The IMAL-PAL group can count on a team equipped with over 50 CAD workstations for preparing, designing and customizing the engineering for each and every project.

The documentation, which may be supplied in any language and in any digital or paper format, provides a vision of the plant or installation before it is assembled.

With the application of the latest 3D construction software, the group is able to show the customer what the plant will actually look like even before construction commences.

Waste is no longer something that needs to be “thrown away” but is to be considered as a valuable energy resource. Waste-to-energy has become the group’s core business and an area where a large portion of its investments are being allocated for research and human resources. We provide an answer to the numerous requests received from the recycling world and the treatment of urban and industrial waste. A new and increasingly skilled and professional demand for a market where quality standards are continually moving to higher levels, and where the customer wants to achieve maximum output and reliability.


IMAL PAL screens come equipped with robust and rigid supporting pyramids, high precision kinematics and excellent elastic suspensions. Their screening boxes are assembled with high-quality materials and made with special tried and tested procedures.

Currently, they provide 1-2-4 stage screens with 1-4 screening decks per stage and 2-5 fractions available. All sieves and frames are constructed with stainless steel and include an autocleaning system that utilizes bouncing plastic balls.

Air Sifters

This compact unit includes electric-electronic devices for controls and adjustments. Cleaning parameters are adjustable via keyboard controlling screen inclination, vibration frequency and fluidizing airspeed. All air sifters are low cost, low energy and low maintenance with very high cleaning efficiency. Flexible adjustment allows for the removal of typical and atypical pollutants – sand, stone metals, plastics, rubber, glass and laminates.

Densimetric Tables

Densimetric separators manufactured by IMAL PAL consist of a classifying chamber complete with:

  • infeeding system
  • inclined fluidizing screen
  • zigzag channels
  • suction hopper connected to a cyclone
  • outfeed device and a discharge system for heavy polluted

These are high-efficiency tables for effective separation. The turbulence generated by the zigzag channels ensures the thick-large (jumbo) particles to drop (that are improperly sucked and classified as accepts by other selectors)